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Lisa Rasmussen has devoted her professional life to providing highly competent and personal advocacy to those facing criminal charges or pursuing civil matters. She believes that our justice system works best when people have strong, informed, and determined advocates.  Lisa practices law with integrity and dignity of purpose but she abhors the system when it becomes cruel, arbitrary and impersonal.  She strives to provide her clients with objective, independent advice while according them total loyalty and commitment to their criminal case or civil cause.  Lisa respects the strengths of her opponents, but matches them with dogged preparation and skilled lawyering in and outside of the courtroom.  She understands that her client’s often have families that need information and counsel while the process moves forward.  Her primary concern is that her client’s rights are protected.

Lisa has served in a variety of volunteer professional positions trying to improve the criminal justice system for all the citizens of Nevada.  She is admired and respected by her peers, judges and legislators, and is in fact, the lawyer that other lawyers go to when they are looking for a strong and informed voice and for insight into their cases.

Lisa has also served in the following capacities:

  • Vice-President of the Nevada American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) from 2008-2012; State Board since 2003
  • Co-chair of the ACLU’s litigation and legislation sub-committee responsible for testifying at the state capital on issues of importance to lawyers and citizens alike
  • Past President of the Nevada Attorneys for Criminal Justice (NACJ)
  • Currently co-chair of the NACJ legislative subcommittee

Let Attorney Lisa Rasmussen speak for you too!​


​When you hire The Law Office of Lisa Rasmussen you get more than a single attorney attending to your criminal or civil case, you hire an entire team and both Lisa and her staff will seek to advocate on your behalf and obtain a desirable result.​